Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dolly Wink♥limited edition package

Maybe you already known it!!!Dolly Wink started selling limited edition package form Nov2011!!!
The mascara and eyeliner are in  new package!!!So attractive!!XD
I brought it when I first saw it  in Dec at HongKong ;)
because it sold it at a cheap price! (when compared to the price before.....)
The mascara and eyeliner only cost $125HKD!!! ( about  17 USD)
So I grabbed it at the first sight haha
here is the photos form the net

I reallylove pink,,,but I brought the green one 
because the mascara  is more suitable for me ;)I prefer volume more than long mascara ....... :):)

here's mine

I can tell you that the eyeliner is the best eyeliner I've ever tried!! 

  • long-lasting!!! But if you draw longer than your eyes, it may looks a little bit vanish after 6 hours
  • really waterproof!! 
  • the darkest among the eyeliner I've brought 
  • lovely packaging
I really recommend Koji Dolly Wink eyeliner to your all!!!

but I haven't use the mascara,,so I can't tell ;(
It stated that is's waterproof also, just like the eyeliner
I'll try it later ;)

thx for reading ♥



  1. Soooo lucky!! I can't find it here in the US yet, so cheap and good deal >.<

  2. US did not sell this? How about buy it in online shop:)?ya It's really cheap ;)

  3. I love dolly wink eyeliner!
    the long mascara is good~ but haven't tried the volume one. apparently is very good :)
    you're very pretty btw <3

  4. @MILK : Ya I love dolly wink eyeliner too!The package was really attractive:):) thankyou :)

  5. Happy new year 2012,

    I wish this is the best year for all of us and all the dreams or planning we've built, can be realized in this year.

    (Do not forget to come back to my blog ya)

  6. wahhhh .. i want it too, but i know that it is so expensive >/////<

  7. @Dark Heart 2011 : wish you all the best too;)
    @·٠•ʚϊɞ ♥ Tata Chong • 정별 ♥ ʚϊɞ•٠· Yes Dolly Wink's product is quite expensive ,but this one is cheaper already >u<

  8. Dolly Wink eyeliner is amazing isn't it? It's definitely my fav! Wow the limited edition is so cute!


  9. 17 dollars for a mascara AND an eyeliner? That's so cheaaaaaaaaaaap! Omg I want it! I want it so bad now. xD
    And hey happy new year to you too Crystal! <3

  10. @Chococcuro It's also my fav!! ;)
    @Yua yes It's quite cheap this time =)

    thankyou for you all ♥♥♥

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  12. Wow 125HKD is good! I think got the eyeliner for around 99HKD :'3
    I wish I could visit Hong Kong now and buy this...I want another Dolly Wink Eyeliner and to try the mascara too xD

  13. @Fitra2009 OK I will give you comment too
    @Jing-Jing yes !!the eyeliner cost 99HKD already so it's really cheap>3 come and visit Hong Kong >u<

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