Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012!!Start of a new year

The first photo of 2012.
(This is me without any makeup)

I'm glad to start this blog at the first day of 2012:)
This year will be a difficult year
cuz I need to prepare for the public exam in 2013:(
I need to do a lot of revision,practice...
I will not get much time to update my blog
maybe I'll come up here when I have holidays or a little rest  .......       I don't know
so much pressure in this year but I'm gonna do my best
enter the university is the only way that I can have a better life........

Sorry I haven't introduce myself :)
I am a Hong Kong girl ~ (Hong Kong is a international city,have you ever heard that? :)
I open this blog because I want to share my daily life,especially makeup, shopping, music,travel......
Hope that everyone enjoy reading my blog
I like posting photos  haha

ok. the exam will come after 2days
go to revision  bye
 (I'm waiting for the New Year holiday!!!!)


  1. welcome to the blogger! I look forward to your future posts ^__^

  2. Vyvy : thankyou for yr support :) I had a blog on yahoo(HK)but I'd like to had a blog write in English,so I open this blog ... but I will be very busy in the coming2yrs,so I dun know whether I'll continue to write this blog....but anyway ,really thank for support :)

  3. thank you for your comment crystal and welcome to blogger! (^^)
    i hope you'll have fun & find time to write some posts ♪

  4. Welcome to the blogger ^^.. and happy new year to you dear.. :)

  5. Aww, you look really gorgeous without make up hun! I love the knit top that you're wearing too ^^

  6. @rosa thank you for yr comment too :):)I will find time and write more;)
    @Lena thank you;)you look cute too
    @Chino-chan ♥ thankyou ;)
    Tianwen Lee haha thankyou the knit top is one of my fav ;)I like Japanese style clothing:):)

    thank you for you all♥♥♥