Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beauty Nailer ♥ partial nature fake lashes ♥

Hello ladies~~
I have not been updating my blog for quite a long time ...
but nvm ^^ I found a nature fake lashes last month and want to make a review of it :)
 I really want to share it with you <3 

I saw it in Vivi magazine too!!! no kidding!!!

 There are 2 pairs comes with a glue ^^ 
I didn't use that glue because I had my own glue :)

This partcial fake lashes can be placed at the outer corner of your eyes 

(This review is quite short and I mainly want to show you photos & effect!!)

Before using the fake lashes  
I only applied eyeliner and mascara :

 then use the fake lashes !!

I love its nature effect ~~~

look at the front:

and this :)

Overall I love this fake lashes!!!

It is so reusable and can keep the sharp even I have used it for many times !
 ( If you handle it carefully )
It's also cheap!! 2 pairs for $36 HKD from Clourmix

I think using it without mascara maybe better ^^ 
 it's up to you ;)

thanks for reading , bye !


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Canmake ♥ Harajuku Make-up class (pics heavy!)

I am so lucky to be one of the bloggers joining the Canmake make-up class!!
On that day I went to Canmake's make up center in Mong Kok (Hong Kong )

You can found all the canmake products there!!!!!

The two new lashes <3
I use No.2 on that day :)

The old series are also so beautiful !! 
pretty Lena *v*

The new eye shadow :)
I tried the new bb cream!!! really love it

want to make colouful nails?
canmake is your best choice!

I think I will purchase canmake's colourful nails later :D

There are too many things at the make up center x_x
Sorry that I can't capture them all

Woo~~ Let's start the make up lesson's part ^_^
  the make-up class is held by Japan's Make up Sensei from Canmke

She is so cute  and cheerful xd
She also comes form Japan but can speak English to us :)

She mainly taught us about eye make up 
and I took the following steps  :)
making shadow 

using canmake eye liner

canmake new lashes No.2

using candy wipe lip 
This is the finished look!
Can you see the silver eye liner on eye lids and eye bags???
Teacher said it is the main point of Harajuku Make-up!
Sooo beautiful <3
 cute eye glasses <3

After that , 
it's our turn to do the make up !! :D

Some tools provided :)

Ah~ the Kitty biscuit is so cute and yummy !! 

I love this orange powder cheek!!!! 
I tried it on hand :)

After the make up class
 All of us an get the following canmake products ^^

The first one is GLOW TWIN COLOR #01

I was so disappointed when I came back home and took it out of the bag .......

OMG!!! what happened ??!!
Maybe I didn't place it well 
I did not drop it on the floor or anywhere else......

So after cleaning it........
it looks OK.....

1)Highlight Color
At the corners of your eye, below the blow, 
below the lower eyelid, layer on your eye shadow to raise the glitter brightness.

(2)Base color
For the entire eyelid area, remove dullness, brighten eyes.

I love using highlight on eye bags  ^^ 
it can add brightness and sparkle of stardust to the inner corner of my eyes too! 

Tje second one is WHIP MOUSSE LIP #04
It can be used on both lip and cheek!!!

I love this colour so much 
it can easily match for any make up 
the colour is between orange and pink

The last one is SUPER GLITTER LINE #01

it has three colours :
color image[01] Metallic Silver☆
color image[03] Metallic Gold☆
color image[06] Chandelier Beige

it's Gel liquid type for good adhesion of the lame that won’t fall off, 
keep a line of light like a shooting star for hours and hours.

it's crammed with lame to give your eyes sparkle, 
gorgeous to create an eye that makes an impression.


I think add the glitter on eye, 1/3 below would be good !! :)

Canmake always has cute packaging!!!
Whenever I see canmake product in my make up bag
 I would be so happy :P haha

the new bag is soooo lovely 

I really love Canmake!!! <3 
Any canamke fans here??