Saturday, July 7, 2012

Curling hair at home ♥ So easy ♥ with LUCIDO-L hair spray and lotion (pics heavy!!)

Hello ladies~~
I know that I've stopped blogging for a long time ( with busy school life...)
but I really want to share with you my curling hair experiences at home !
So I make this little update on my blog :)
Hope you still like my blog!

Recently I brought the following two hair product for curling hair :)
the left one is LUCIDO-L Hair Curl Lotion (Airy)
the right one is LUCIDO-L Hair Spray ( Firm Hold )
Both are made in Japan 
So lovely & so pink~ 

So let me introduce how to use this two product :)

This  LUCIDO-L Hair Curl Lotion (Airy) is to be used before curling hair
so as to protect your hair from overheating or damage causing by heating.

How to use:
Spray at a distance of 5-10cm, moisten hair evenly by combing 
and then create curl using heated curler or culring iron.

It also helps keep your hair firm and
I love its nice smell :)

This one is  LUCIDO-L Hair Spray ( Firm Hold )
It is helpful at keeping your hair stay curly !!

How to use:
Use after styling.
Shake it well before use .
Hold the can in upright position and 
spray at a distance of 10-15 cm from hair :)

It won't cause any sticky feelings or make your hair as hard as a stone.
Again , I love its nice smell !


Ok~Let me make a little demonstration on how to use this two product ^u^

Firstly , apply  LUCIDO-L Hair Curl Lotion (Airy) before curling hair 
by the way you can see how bad my hair is -_-
sorry I missed a "R" and it should be "Curling"

Then start curling hair!!!!

I only curl the bottom part of my hair sightly... cause I want it looks natural :)

But if I need to go to some big events 
I would make the curly hair more obvious~~
its up to you :o

Finally, apply LUCIDO-L Hair Spray ( Firm Hold )

and finished!!!!!

This is the  hair curler I used :)
BaBylissPro Hairdressing 
32mm Creamic.

As you can see in the picture, there're different heating level.

In the above demonstration,
I heat my hair at level 15 for holding  NOT more than 3 secondsso my hair is natural curl

If you want to make your hair looks like the models in magazine 
you need to heat your hair at level 21-23 , holding for 5-10 seconds
and the curly effect will be more long-lasting too!

That's my experiences ! thrust me !

lately added:
I hold for about 8 seconds this time:)

and this!!! 
Schwarzkopf Freshlight Foam Hair colour- Berry Ash

50% off!! with free gift ^^
I will use it after my new hair has grown :s

because my hair is still dark brown now and I will cut it away later ..

ok,the very last thing.
Finally I can see her on the cover!!! So happy^^

But I think this is not her best smile
can be better :)
Support her!

thanks for watching girls! Bye :)