Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beauty Nailer ♥ partial nature fake lashes ♥

Hello ladies~~
I have not been updating my blog for quite a long time ...
but nvm ^^ I found a nature fake lashes last month and want to make a review of it :)
 I really want to share it with you <3 

I saw it in Vivi magazine too!!! no kidding!!!

 There are 2 pairs comes with a glue ^^ 
I didn't use that glue because I had my own glue :)

This partcial fake lashes can be placed at the outer corner of your eyes 

(This review is quite short and I mainly want to show you photos & effect!!)

Before using the fake lashes  
I only applied eyeliner and mascara :

 then use the fake lashes !!

I love its nature effect ~~~

look at the front:

and this :)

Overall I love this fake lashes!!!

It is so reusable and can keep the sharp even I have used it for many times !
 ( If you handle it carefully )
It's also cheap!! 2 pairs for $36 HKD from Clourmix

I think using it without mascara maybe better ^^ 
 it's up to you ;)

thanks for reading , bye !