Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jumily fake eyelashes special edition!日系假眼睫毛  *review

Hi ladies !! I can’t wait to share with you my new found love for false lashes.
I brought it a few weeks ago and I finally got some time to try it and write this review :D
It's Double eyelash case & exte eyes 1 pair set 01

The double eyelash case is exactly the one I dream to have~~~ pink and with hearts
I love it at first sight!!I know I really can’t resist pink stuffs x_x

What I like about the eyelash case :
  • Cute design! So Girly !
  • the double design of the pink eyelash case! partitions for full and partial lashes 
  • Lovely packaging 

I brought this set mainly because of the eyelash case, but it comes with a pair of lashes 
I’ve seen “Jumily” for a long time but I haven’t considered to buy it…
maybe I am more interested in diamond lashes and dolly wink than it…
But this time I can get the chance to tried it!

so flexible!!!

sorry that I didn't stick it well .....
side view

after using it,
it still looks like a new one!!

and then placed it inside the lovely case :)

Length: (5/5)
The inner lashes are shorter, while the outer ones are more longer ~
It’s longer than the diamond lashes (fairy eyes) I have!!
Thus it’s very easy fr you to create a droopy eyes! :)

Volume: (3/5)
As you can see in the pics, it's so natural and not so dense

Comfort : (5/5) 
Very comfortable becaase it's so light and flexible! Even though it’s soft but not fragile! Feels like I didn't have them on !and I can say it's more comfortable than diamond lashes and dolly wink . 
The lashes are really well made and in high quality. 

Reusability: (4/5)
Oh I originally thought that it cannot be used more than three times…..becuase it’s really really soft, like I would break it easily!! But it’s not the case! It's so reusable!!

Ease of Application: (5/5)
Easy to apply as usual as other fake lashes like dolly wink and diamond lashes

Packaging : (5/5)
Although it doesn't come in my favourtie pink, sky blue is also attractive!!!

Price: (3/5)
diamond lashes would be more economical for a girl who doesn't have a job like me........
but this set had a special offer so I still rated it 3/5

I'm so in love with these lashes because they really do create a girly feel but  not dramatic.
and I always prefer length than volume , because I love giving others a natural look ;) 
but this one is not as natural as Koji spring heart 05/06 ,because it's so long and making it noticable...
So if you really want a natural look that no one knows you are wearing false lashes,
then this one may not be your best choice.

Lastly I found the price of Jumily lashes are cheaper than Dolly wink!
I found these pics on their website, enjoy! :)
No.1 エクステEYESNo.2 3WAY EYESNo.3 ガーリーEYESNo.4 キャットEYESNo.5 ベーシックEYESNo.6 ドーリーEYES
No.7 ポイントEYES
This series has totally four different eyelash case
for more infor. you can go to this website

01 is the best , isn't it ?

thanks for reading :)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

SkinFood Honey Melon Hand Balm *review

Any skin food fans??
Many of my friends recommend skin food and body shop's products to me
My fds said they're so good but actually they didn't said how good they are ......
so this time I tried skin food hand blam:)

SkinFood Honey Melon Hand Balm is a moist type hand cream that contains honey melon and lime extracts, which are rich in vitamin C, to impact mooist and shiny features to dry and crumbly hands.

I always think that hand balms are oily , but this one is not !!
The texture of the balm is a little bit waxy ...and I need to spread it well .

See the waxy surface ?actually it looks like cream more than oily balm...

A little bit sticky when I first applied it  , but still easy to spread 

I like :
  • Not oily or greasy!
  • Glides on smoothly 
  • Balm of fresh melon !  I really love the sweet smell of melon ,especially eating melon ice cream :)
  • Moisturizing ,which is the most important thing

but it is Not convenient to bring it out because it can't be squeezed out easily like hand cream 
and it’s larger than my hand cream so I won't put it in my handbag.
just places it on my desk 

I use it every bitterly cold winter night before go to bed :) 
I apply it on both my hand and feet . xd  you know heels would also get dry in winter
but I think I won't purchase it in summer........or my hands may get oily :o 

I don't know if you like skin food or not,
but if you love fresh melon smell  , try it in winter!! :)

thanks for reading :)


A product that I'm trying these days :) 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Online shopping at YUMETENBO夢展望

Do you love Japanese fashion??:)
if yes ,
you must visit YUMETENBO online shop!!

It includes three main style:
グラマラス館- sexy and cool , for gals :)
プリンセス館- lovely ,cute and girly
キレイ館- mature lady would like this :)

プリンセス館 is my favourite and I always visit there

I ordered this clothes set on YUMETENBO
I've thought twice about it prices
and finally ordered it ><
but after adding up all the cost it's really expensive....
If I were living in Japan ,
beautiful clothes would appear everywhere no transportation cost are needed!!!

I chose the black top :)

*zoom up* the necklace
I ordered it from a Japan online shop
really love it *v*

other items I love :)

 I usually visit YUMETENBO website to know the Japanese fashion trend
but I won't buy clothes because they're too expensive
(including all the transportation cost or others......)

 Directly ordering from China website would be cheaper.
but they don't have all the items in Japan's store
usually I can't find my favourite items on China's store :(

thanks for reading :)
I supposed to make a review on my new-brought fake lashes
but -_- haven't got time!!!

I am writing this post in hurry@
so hope you don't mind my grammar or spelling mistakes......