Sunday, January 29, 2012

purikura machines in HK!!

 some pics of photobooths in HK~

the lastest pirikura machine !!!

crowd of people

some food photos on that day :)

Dinner :D
make you hungry???

(sorry for my bad English in this post , wrong grammar...)

and some reviews of fake lashes will appear in the coming few weeks ;)

oh  tomorrow is school day 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year ! kimono ♥♥♥

Happy Lunar New Year !!I know it's late to say it now ~~今天已經是初三不好意思/_\
At every new year , huge amount of kimonos are shown on most of the Japanese magazine
and I found some pics which I want to share with you all

Main popteen models wearing kimono:

 I love her makeup so much!!

Mizuki is my favourite model in popteen!!!Always looks cute
西川瑞希真的超萌 !!


The cover of popteenFeb :)

By and large, Mizuki's one is my favourite, 
because I love baby pink and sky blue and they are mixed with sakura pattern!
It impressed me most favorably!
So lovely >3<

I wish I could go to Japan and try them! :)
Maybe a few years later :B
btw I love their hairstyles!! which match their kimono !

Which one is your favourite ?:)

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Monday, January 9, 2012

ViVi 2012Feb !!!pics heavy*♥

My faourite magazines are vivi, popteen and mina 
and I love the cover of Feb !!!
the one on the left is Mitsuki!!! I  love her :) her smile is so lovely and attractive 
but Lena is still the best!! :)♥♥♥ Lena is so mature , and lovely too
I'll show you who are lena and Mitsuki~~ 

最左的是大石參月!! 她笑起來真的很sweet <3

She is Lena!!!! my favourite!! :)

玲奈都很可愛 :)


lovely mix and match:)

leggings and shoes :o


Lovely!!!! that's why I love her so much <3

some cool.....

知夏子is really stylish and looks cool!!

Mature look.

another cool girl...

Oh it comes to girly!!!!!!!! **********
flower girls in the winter 3<!!!!

flower pattern !!!!!so hit!!!!!

Flowers everywhere!!!

Lena 超美 !!!!!!又成熟 >o<

Waiting for the makeup parts??? ^^

and I brought the canmake lip gross 
(in the centre, no.D)

 Hope you enjoy :):)
I didn't buy Feb ,I just read it online
but I usually buy popteen ^ ^

I  also want to show u the online shops which I usually buy clothes there

2 )
I had more but just show u two shops this time :)

clothes :

My favourite Japanese style !!!!
Lovely right ^ ^ ??

but I dun know whether you can enter it or not cuz it's a chinese website ....

thanks for reading