Friday, April 13, 2012

Diamond lashes ♥ fairy eyes ♥ review + some giveaways

All of us know that diamond lashes is so popular among gyarus!!
This is my first time trying diamond lashes and I can't wait to share with you <3

zoom up 
OMG when I  removed the false lashes from the case , it broke!!!!!!!!!! I was so careless!!!! 
 I feel like I was throwing money into the sea :'(

on eyes .... ( yes I didn't draw my brown)

I really like it!!!

side view

for the bottom lashes, I use Dolly wink No.5
it really matches with the diamond lashes!!
highly recommended :D

Length: (4/5)
The outer lashes are not so long when compare to the other series of diamond lashes because it's not a dramatic one , but it can create a little droopy effect and widen my eyes  !! :)Somehow I think it's quite natural too, but still noticeable. 

Volume: (4/5)
As you can see in the pics, the lashes are densely packed, 
but it's not dramatic lashes so I won't give it 5 

Comfort : (5/5) 
Very comfortable and it's so flexible!  same as Dolly Wink :) 

Reusability: (4/5)
It's so durable because it's sturdy! 
It also keeps the shape even I have used it for many times!

Packaging : (5/5)
Needless to say , pink is my favorite!!

Price: (5/5)

Most definitely since it's so reusable and economical. I brought it at $88 HKD for 5 pairs! It's really not pricey~ and it's cheaper than those at :) Also, this series is cheaper than purple, blue, and light pink series! I dun know why :3

This is my first try of diamond lashes!
I am satisfied with it and I think it is pretty worth it!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The hunger games - recommended!

I watch the hunger games yesterday , it was great!!

First let me admit that I haven't read the book. I think the movie is great for those who haven't read the book....because I saw so many people who have read the book spoil it as the movie changed a numbers of things from the book. They said the movie has followed the story line but lacks intensity and emotional depth...and I think so. I think the book must explain better.

To me, everything is clear ,well directed, and greatly performed by the main characters! My expectations were very high and I am really satisfied. Jennifer Lawrence can really shows enough emotions of  Katniss with her good expression , making me feel the graveness of her situation...and her inner feeling . However, Hutcherson as Peeta is too weak !!I expect a boy should protect his girl but instead, in the moive, Katniss plays his role!! Yet he is so handsome.  It is also astounding that the character development is almost nonexistent and unconvincing. Their romance seems lack a good fundation . And I think Gale is so sad :(  Yes, Katniss loves him, but the hunger games destroyed their relationship. At the end, Katniss seems undecided whether to choose Peeta or Gale. I know she loves gale but....she is supposed to love Peeta because of the hunger games. This will leave for the second movie to explain.

The movie broke me into tears , when Katniss volunteer to be tribute and Rui died....and I think "Safe and Sound" can add in when Rui died!!! I was so disappointed that the song wasn't in the movie!!! I expected to hear Taylor's voice...... It will make the movie more touching :'(

One more thing. The movie feels too short , maybe it's not enough for me . I feel like all the things as if goes by in an hour,...but actually it's almost two and a half hours long!!! Anyway I enjoy watching it ^^ ( although sometimes the scenes were shaky. )

After watching the movie, I think I should read the book instead!!! ... and I can't wait for the hunger games 2  (Catching fire)and 3(Mockingjay) to be shown on screens!!and I hope the next movie can be done better :)  Anyone haven't watch the movie please do!!! I highly recommend it cuz it's worth watching . and I think most teens would love it! ( but if you have read the book then the movie might not be in your favour.)

Image Detail
 Jennifer Lawrence - sexy and stunning. 

I usually won't write a review of movie but the hunger games is an exception.
and you may not interested in this topic too.......but I just want to share it to you all ;b

lastly ,
join her giveway!!!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sweet-looking eyes ♥ Canmake Gradation Wink review

This is my first pink eyeshadow -
Canamke Gradation Wink 03!
color imageStrawberry Tart☆
and I am going to make a review of it  :)

I am attracted by its packaging!!!  blingbling *v*
can't resist x_x

"A combination of three must-have shades for the perfect color gradation!"

Just by applying the three shades as they are, you can achieve a perfectly well-defined gaze with depth!
(directly copy from

it's very easy to apply!!

(but I prefer using brush )

I really love this strawberry pink 
it's so soft and natural!!
I thought it would be a vibrant pink
but it turns out naturally that it's a baby soft pink

and  I found that when the pink mix with brown,
it looks purple!!!!!!!
So actually it has four color xd

Whenever I worn pink clothes
 I would used this Canamke Gradation Wink 
Pink is always so sweet
Love it so much !!

  • It won't dull
  • convenient with just one application if you use finger
  • no huge bits of glitter but natural shimmer
  • cute and bijou packaging!!! omg so blingbling *v*
  • not pricey 
  • it doesn't come with a brush   ....we are expected to use fingers -_-...

brought them yesterday ^^ they're HK version!

also want to share you this one
it's about the damage brought by wearing lenses
hope you all can learn to be careful when using lenses!! :)
God bless her

thx for reading ! :D

Happy Easter!! :D


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shopping at Paris Kids' Japan online store ♥♥♥ pics heavy

Remember last time I shared with you my shopping experience at Japan online store??
 Online shopping at YUMETENBO夢展望

and this time I'm gonna share another Japan online store which is my favorite accessory store!!-
Paris kids!
where almost all the things are sold at 315円 !!!

here are my Paris kids collection!!!

It  mainly sells accessories , you can find many different style such as girly, retro, kawaii........



cosmetics such as fake lashes and colour lenses are also in stock :)

Actually I love the grey one ;) but I didn't buy it because it's quite expensive when comparing to those in HK

Every week it has new arrival itmes !! 
and here are this week's new items! 

ローバンスレーススリーピン   ミラージュフルールヘアピン   スリムチェーンカチューシャ   パールチャーム付きレース&ストライプシュシュ   ラウンドスピラーレスリーピン  
ファルビートジュエルミニバレッタ 【数量限定】オヴァーレビーズスリーピン スクワドラートモチーフポニー キラスタープレッピーリボンクリップ プチリボンフープ&チェーンブレスレット
うさぎとガーリーモチーフセットピアス ロイヤルマーブルストーンイヤリング ロイヤルマーブルストーンピアス リトルキアーヴェネックレス ナチュラルバッグモチーフネックレス

So every Mondays I would be excited to check what has been newly arrived~~ ^^

I have shopped there for many times ~~~ and every time my friend ordered it and send to me ^^
OK~~I can't wait to share what I've brought!!!

this one is out of stock ( 在庫なし) now ~~~ Luckily I purchased it at early ^^



Something I want to buy next time.........( if I am willing to spend money XD )

I want to buy this gorgeous necklace but no "C"........
 "C" for Crystal ;) haha

girly earrings!!!! exactly my style!!!
this one looks good but actually not so special..... um... need to think twice

I really really love this ribbon earrings !!! but too long t_t so I give up
I'm still thinking whether its worth-buying
because I can buy a pair of earrings for the same prices!!
heart necklace ><!! but I have so many necklace already ..... :(  help~~~
this one is so cute ^^
Originally I ordered this but I deleted it later because I found that I have two similar "love" necklace already!!!!
One is brought form Korean Online store and the other one in HongKong.......

 Wow finally finished posting so many pics ~~
Hope you enjoy it ^^