Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CEZANNE*reviews BB cream/loose powder/eyeliner/nose shadow powder

Hi ladies! Sorry that I haven't been blogging for nearly a month ! I have got a lot of busy work

Today I'm going to make a review of four CEZANNE products!!
I recently brought the eyeliner and I really love it :)
Together with the BBcream , loose powder and shadowing powder that I' have ,
I think CEZANNE is quite a good choice for students:)
It's cheap Japanese brand but with acceptable quality :D


No.1 CEZANNE ultra cover UV loose powder
I always love this kinds of simple and neat packaging~~
it's so cute ><

zoom up on the powder :o
notice the area with powder ;)?
This loose powder is so smooth ~~ 
But I think Revlon's one is still better -o- 

However there are only two choices of color ~_~ 
01 is really really too white !! So I choose 02 

Just slightly apply it, or you will look unnatural......

No.2 CEZANNE BB cream(all in one foundation) SPF23

The reason I brought this is simply because it's sooooo cheap-_-.
I usually apply it on my neck and it makes my neck looks brighter than before~~ 


No.3 CEZANNE eye liner (black)*[recommended!]

This eye liner is waterproof and really long lasting on me !!
I think I'll use it if I go to swim~~
but when compare to Dolly Wink,
CEZANNE holds longer but Dolly Wink is darker :) 
both of them are my lovers ^^

No.4 CEZANNE nose shadow powder *[recommended!]

Since I've been using the nose shadowing for nearly half a year ,
it looks really old and dirty .........

I really love this combination of highlight and shading color, it's so convenient !  
☆They blend in well with my skin color! 
☆The shading colour cantaims no white pearl and it really looks natural on me

( but I wonder why the shadowing part is smaller that the highlight part -_- ?)
 It can give your nose greater definition 
I think it's quite obvious right?:)

Later I've found that Canmake has a new product which looks 90% the same with this one!!!
but of course,it's more expensive than CEZANNE........

Product Photo

thanks for reading these short reviews :)
I have some busy work to do so I may not reply all the comments below 
but I will read every coment of you :-*